Some common questions you may have as a parent:


Q: What should my child wear on the day of the excursion?

A: The school will advise you of suitable uniform clothing. It will be a school uniform (unless your school does not have a uniform), as it is important for patients, families and hospital staff to be able to identify students as part of the school group.

The temperature in the hospital can vary. Please encourage your child to bear this in mind when dressing for the day.


Q: How will my child get to and from the Hospital?

A: The school will arrange the transport to and from the hospital your program is booked at. It is up to the school should they wish to organise alternative transport.


Q: What will happen if my child is ill on the day of the excursion?

A: Notify the teacher who has been allocated as the P.A.R.T.Y. liaison - this name and number will appear on the cover letter you have received with the information and consent forms.


Q: Who will supervise my child during the day?

A: Supervision remains the responsibility of the school at all times - under the direction of Hospital staff. At least 3 school staff (teacher, school nurse, school staff member) will be attending the excursion to provide supervision and support during the day. When the class is split into smaller groups, one adult from the school will stay with each group at all times.

The P.A.R.T.Y. Program Coordinator, clinical presenters and allied health professionals all play a role in ensuring your child’s needs are met. They will have all the appropriate checks and clearances to ensure your child’s safety and well-being.


Q: What happens if my child is physically or emotionally overwhelmed by the Program content?

A: All care has been taken to ensure that the Program, whilst confronting, is physically and emotionally manageable by students of the age attending. However, procedures are in place to care for any student who becomes overwhelmed during the day.


Q: Is there anything my child should bring on the day?

A: Yes - your child will need to bring their lunch (morning tea is provided). This will need to be something that does not require refrigerating or heating.


Q: Is there anything my child needs to do to prepare for the day?

A: Yes - they will need to eat breakfast. The Program can be confronting and students who eat breakfast are better prepared to deal with the Program content.